Friday, 23 January 2009

Are you sitting comfortable? Then we shall begin.....

After many nights of having to amuse themselves while I was poorly, and once the Christmas film season had finished Dottie and Poppet found themselves a new past time......Reading.........

They have been sitting for hours reading to one another and even read a few stories for me while I was poorly.

They would climb onto their sofa and get out the books.

At the moment this one is one of their favourites.

This story was written by my son David when he was only 7 years old. It was televised on the Jackanory programme and i made it into a book for him as a keepsake this Christmas.
It is exactly as he wrote it all those years ago....and its called "The Tigers Birthday".

One day last year , Toby the Tiger woke up feeling rather pleased with himself. It was his birthday. He was very excited, he ran to his postbox but he was very sad when he got there.
There were no birthday cards and no birthday presents. He was very sad.
He sat down on the path crying, he didnt think that all of his friends would forget his birthday.

He put on his coat and set off to see his friend Lenny the Lion.
When he got there Lenny was digging his garden.
"Hello" said Toby, "Did you know it was a special day today" "Yes" said Lenny "I must plant my seeds today or my plants wont be ready in time for the summer fete" Toby's heart sank. "I will see you later Lenny" and he set off again.

The next house he came to was the house of Sammy the snake.
"Hello Sammy" said toby, "Did you know it was a special day today" "Yes" said Sammy
"I am going on my holidays, I cant stop and talk to you , I must go and pack my case"
Toby felt awful...........

Once again Toby set off.
As he was walking Polly the parrot flew past.
"Hello Toby" said Polly "Its a special day today" "Yes" said Toby and he smiled.
Polly explained how she was on her way to see her sister who had just got married. "How nice" said Toby "I will see you later". As he walked away big tears rolled down his cheeks.

He nearly walked passed the house of Gordon the gorilla.
"Hello Toby" said Gordon, "Why are you crying?" "Its my birthday today and nobody's remembered" cried Toby. "Nevermind" said Gordon" Lets go for a walk, it will make you feel better".

As they walked through the jungle it was very quiet.
"I think everybody must be very busy today, its very quiet " said Toby.
Just then there was a loud cheer "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ".
Toby was so surprised , all of his friends were deep in the jungle.
There was cakes, hotdogs, crisps,trifle, sandwiches and lemonade to drink. There was also a big pile of cards and gifts.
"This is the best birthday I have ever had" said Toby.
"I would like to say Thank you to all my special friends for my special day".

Dottie and Poppet hope you enjoyed hearing the story as much as they enjoyed reading it.
Thank you for stopping by, call again soon.


Kaz Scrapz said...

What a lovely heart warming story Jaqi. You must have been so proud of David.

Denise said...

How delightful Jaqi! You did a wonderful job with the book!

June said...

Oh how lovely and what a clever boy. Beautiful scrapbook of a fantastic achievement and memory
Hugs June x

prashant said...

You did a wonderful job with the book!

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