Monday, 30 March 2009

Kitchen Capers..............

Dottie and Poppet have been so patient over the last few weeks while I have been so busy and they have spent alot of time just hanging around having fun watching tv and reading etc. I think alot of the time they have beeen bored, but they have been very good and havent complained once.

So I suppose when they found out I was planning to do some baking it was only a matter of time before they wanted to be in amongst the thick of it , helping out they called it although Im not convinced.

Dottie quickly got the handwash soap and shouted for Poppet to get her hands washed.

Then she came along with the baking timer, I was quite impressed, she seemed to be very organised.

Before I knew where I was the girls had everything under control and they were opening a box of muffin mix.
Dottie said they had been reading up on things in the BeRo book and it was ok for me to go off and have cuppa while they did the baking. Alarm bells started ringing and I couldnt help feeling as though things were moving a little too quickly, and I wondered just how much control I was going to have over this baking session.....

The girls got right on organising everything that I decided to put the kettle on, that cup of tea might not be a bad idea after all.
They were weighing out ingrediants and being very well organised , even if I do say so myself.

Dottie got out the castor sugar, the girls were laughing and im sure I heard them say something about make it nice and sweet as the way to a mans heart was through his Sams going to be doing some taste testing ! Poor Sam, hes always the taste tester, although I think he enjoys it really.

Although the girls cant stay serious for too long, I came back with my cuppa to find them hiding in the flour bags and making ghosty noises, and giggling.

I reminded them if they couldnt behave I would not let them help out, that soon brought things back under control.

Dottie and Poppet referred to the cook book and once again the baking session was back under control.

Perched on the side of the mixing bowl the girls seemed to be having a discussion, Dottie was concerned that the mixture wasnt mixed enough, Poppet suggested that she take off her shoes and jump into the bowl, apparantly she had seen someone on TV treading grapes so maybe the same idea would work on white chocolate muffins?
Dottie was quick to inform her that no one would be putting their feet into her cake mixture, especially if she was going to be giving it to sam to taste test.

Poppet finally agreed.

Poppet added extra chocolate, just in case there wasnt enough in already and Dottie poured a little carnation milk into the mixture to make it smooth and moist.

Once they were satisfied that the mixture was ready they emptyied it out of the bowl.
The girls were very quick to lick some of the chocolaty mixture from the bowl. It was yummy.......

With all of the mixture into the cake cases it was time to put them in the oven.

While the flour and sugar were still out the girls quickly rustled up a chocoate cake and an orange cake too. I think Sam will be eating cakes for ages at this rate.

It didnt take long for the cakes to cook and while we waited I washed the dishes.
The girls made a wonderful chocolate icing which they used to sandwich the cake together and to decorate it also.

With the cakes all cooling on the rack they girls made themselves a well earned drink and had a sit down.

As soon as the cakes were cooled , we decided to put them in a tin to keep them fresh, I must admit the girls had done a great job. But I had a feeling we would be eating cake forever we had so much of it.

I was very impressed at how hard the girls worked and that they obtained such good results, obviously all of the reading about baking had paid off.
They had only misbehaved slightly , so I cant complain really. I found myself admitting I was happy for them to try their hand at other things from now on.
They had a good time but were very tired when they were finished.

Dottie rushed straight to the phone to tell Sam all about it, I hope hes hungry when he gets home from work....................

He wont be able to get into his uniform by the time hes eaten this lot !

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Denise said...

Oh what fun these girls have had and I'm sure Sam isn't going to fit in his uniform after this lot. The cakes really look delish!

RubyMay said...'ve made my mouth water !

Dragon said...

Tee hee!!!!!!!!! This is so sweet. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog

missy k said...

I am having a cup of tea right now but sadly no yummy cakes like these ones!


Linda B said...

I love that they were baking cakes on my Birthday :)

prashant said...

The cakes really look delish!

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