Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Cake Calamity !

Dottie was so excited that we had guests for tea on Sunday.
The excitement turned to pure delight when she asked if she could help make the cake and I said "yes".

First we must wash our hands, and she insisted that she have her photo taken with the soap so there were no chances of anyone thinking that she hadnt washed, especially as she had been crafting and working with paints and glitters earlier in the morning.

After getting out the large bowl dottie started with the sugar, she thought we needed lots of sugar as she said the cake needed to be sweet just like her ! I added the margarine myself, as dottie being let loose with that seemed to be tempting fate.

Dottie was confused, she was having trouble finding the eggs, she looked everywhere.
I mentioned that they were still in the Hen......well she stood ages asking this hen if it would be kind enough to please lay 3 eggs so that she could make her cake.
There was no answer from the hen....Dottie stamped her feet and stated that if the hen didnt co operate then desparate measures would have to be taken.

I asked Dottie what she meant, she whispered that if the hen didnt lay 3 eggs, she had decided she was going to inform it that instead of the leg of lamb for Sunday lunch we would be having CHICKEN.........
She had me laughing so much, I thought it best to let her into the little secret that the hen was actually not a real hen but just a container that the eggs were kept in.
Dottie was relieved as the thoughts of wrapping the hen in tin foil wasnt something she was looking forward too......

Next step was the flour, well this is where things went a bit off course !

Dottie insisted on climbing onto the bag of flour, and yes you guessed it.........

I dont need to tell you what happened next.

Still laughing at the hen incident she lost her balance and fell straight into the flour bag.
Her legs were wiggling around , and clouds of flour poofed into the air.
Guess I wasted my time doing the dusting I thought to myself.
She was shouting and screaming at the top of her voice, swallowing flour into the bargain.

It wasnt very long before help was at hand and although she looked like a little ghost and as flour continued to be poofed into the air as coughing and spluttering was mixed with laughing I couldnt help thinking to myself , Im sure we have been in situations like this before !

It wasnt too long before dottie was dusted down and sitting on the edge of the mixing bowl trying to be serious.
To be honest, I was a little nervous, i was half expecting her to slide down the inside of the bowl, straight into the mixture. I had visions of sitting at the tea table watching as someone bit into the cake and a little hand would be sticking out of the cooked cake clutching ATC'S........

I thought it best to send Dottie for the Vanilla essence. Laughter started again, she tipped upside down next to the bottles, she laughed and laughed. She thought someone had left Dottie sized bottles of wine for her. Oh no I dont think so, too little for wine ! although a glass of brandy was sounding more like a good idea to me.

Dottie set the timer for the cake, and I was just so pleased it was in the oven without any mishaps.

She climbed into the mixer , so that she was out of harms way while I cleared up all of the mess ! This cookery lesson had been different thats for sure

Once out of the oven, I sighed with relief. Dottie, despite the flour ghost incident had made a beautiful moist cake, which tasted wonderful.


Denise said...

All's well that ends well! I'm sure Dottie had great fun baking AND eating!

Kaz Scrapz said...

I think after that you both deserve a glass of brandy! Looks like you both had loads of fun :)
xx Karen

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Cute story! Thanks for the chuckle!

Chriss Rollins said...

Oh sorry Jaqi I read this post the other night when Chris was here and planned to leave you a comment later and forgot 'till now.
All I can say is we lafffffffffed and lafffffffffffed...pass the tena lady please.

chriss x

Linda said...

I'm trying to work out which one of you two is 'definitely dottie' hehe... :-)
Great story Jaqi...ever thought of writing childrens stories??????

Susan said...

Jaqi, you are so patient and good to teach Dottie all that you do! It looks like she had a marvellous day and I so wish I could have shared a piece of cake and a cuppa with you both - yum!