Thursday, 20 November 2008

Lil Aussie Poppet has arrived

Hello everyone, this is my new friend Poppet, she has travelled all the way from Australia to visit me for a while.
Her mum and creator is Linda and you can find her blog here its an amazing blog with some fantastic artwork , check it out.
Poppet has had an extremely long journey and is very tired, so its something to eat and an early night as her little eyes are closing.
Dont forget to pop back and see us soon , isnt her little koala bear cute?

Will post again very soon, love Dottie and my new friend Poppet


Denise said...

Hello and Welcome Poppet! I know you and Dottie are going to give Jaqi the right royal round around! Play havoc Girls, you are only young once! You have my permission but please share Fireman Sam! He is actually a very nice guy/bloke!

Chriss Rollins said...

Hello and welcome Poppet I know your mum or at least her fabulous work and stamps.
We exchanged emails earlier this year.

Must say I love your hairstyle, oh and yours Dottie too,.. cannot leave you out can we.

Dottie has Sam not got a friend he could bring along for Poppet.

Have the best time both of you be good to Jaqi let her in on all the Goss so she can tell us.

enjoy your evening Jaqi

chriss x

Jessie James said...

Oh Poppet I hope you have a great time visiting and I am sure you two will have fun and laughter all the way. Ask Jaqi to keep us posted to we can share in all the fun and laughter.

Susan said...

Oh, how lovely for Dottie and Poppet to be friends! I can't wait to see how things unfold with the two of them visiting you, Jaqi!!