Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Now Im worried !

Well I came in from the school today and Dottie was hovering around her phone, and acting all suspicious.
Shes been dancing and singing too.....very strange.
Shes up to something and as i was asking about what she wanted for tea, she was humming , and not listening at all.

I had to warn her that if we didnt get the tea sorted there would be no time for crafting tonight !

That seemed to work, no sooner said than done, the mind was made up. As it has been a cold day, it was to be Corned Beef Hotpot for tea.

Dottie climbed up onto the bench and supervised the preparation of the vegetables, and the corned beef.

She asked how I felt about her having a friend to stay over?
I told Dottie that her friends were more than welcome anytime she wanted, we could easily make extra room for another little one.

She has had a big smile on her face since the weekend, but once I said she was allowed, she just beamed..

She was dancing on the edge of the baking dish , and nearly feel in......

She was having a great time, Im not sure what the tune is that she is humming though.......

Sounds a bit like " Waltzing Matilda".

I asked her "what the tune was?" She said "a friend she had been talking to on the telephone had taught it to her !"

"Who was this friend?" I asked "Oh just someone I met when I dialled a wrong number on my telephone" she replied.

" Sounds unusual" I said. "And they taught you a song?"

"Oh yes , we talked a while " she said, "and we have alot in common ! "

"In fact I said I would ask if they could come for a visit"....."So is it ok?"

"Where do they come from " I asked...........

Now this is where it gets tricky........Wait for it........and they have been on the phone all weekend..........


Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather.....AUSTRALIA !!!

"What about the phone bill" I asked....."Oh dont worry , my calls are all free, an old friend who owns a phone network has given me a special phone, all expense paid" she spoke up. "He also owns an airline too , so hes bringing my friend over to England free too, if she can stay".

Well what can I say, seems like its all planned.

And the little lady in question appears to be called.........

Poppet !!

So apparantly Poppet is on her way, I dont know anything about her so we will just have to wait and see what happens next. Seems Dottie has it all planned, so who am I to get in her way of having a good time !


Chriss Rollins said...

Mmmmm that cornbeef hash.

that friend wouldnt happen to be Richard would it?

Does Poppet know Susan I wonder but australia is sooo large so maybe not.

You have me in suspenders Jaqi.

chriss x

Susan said...

Now I am wondering if I know Poppet too! Yes, Australia is as large as mainland USA, so it is unlikely that I would know her, however, the Internet makes the whole world a smaller place, so maybe???

Can't wait for the next episode!!